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Thank you ALLLLLLL for the happy birthday wishes!!!!!!!!!!~ :dancing:

I'm sorry I was so dormat during that time, my computer had a big virus and I had to get it fixed!

 :heart: :iconcakeplz: :iconsexydanceplz:

oh hi mark
Welcome, Friends, to The Belly Lounge!
The Belly Lounge is a chat room for the congregation of people who enjoy larger bellies and the fantasy of them expanding in a number of ways. No, we are not weird, we did not chose to love them, only to meet with others who enjoy them as well.
Such ways of expanding bellies includes:
Weight gain - the increase of fat cells in the stomach region of the body through various means.
Stuffing - the increase in stomach capacity through eating a of large amounts of food to one's maximum potential.
Vore - an entirely different subcategory that includes the fantasy of swallowing another being whole.
Inflation - the increase in stomach capacity through the containment of a large amount a large amount of air, liquid, or similar nonsolid substance.
Pregnancy - the increase of stomach size due to a woman's (and sometimes a man's) state of incubating a new life within her womb
Blueberry - insert reference to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory's scene in which Violet turns into a blueberry. If you don't know it, look it up.
If there are any others, they may be included but not mentioned. No belly expansion is left out here.

Now, in order to keep some semblance of regulation, we need rules to govern us. Therefore, all who enter TheBellyLounge must agree to abide by the rules or be punished accordingly.
The Rules are as follows:
1. No bashing - How would you like it if someone made fun of you for something you like? Treat others with the same kindness you expect to be treated with.
2. No Trolling - Seriously, bullying is just childish.
3. No swearing - Avoid this when possible or at least censor it. It creates a generally negative atmosphere and isn't at all appreciated.
4. Nothing inappropriate - Nothing NotSafeForWork, eg. nudity, gore, etc. Despite commonly being labeled as a "fetish" (which I find just rude), all going on within the chat room must remain below an 18+ rating.
5. No god mode - God mode is considered taboo among most role players. Essentially, god moding is when someone is overpowered in a fictional universe. Examples can include not allowing another player to contribute enough, not allowing another player to contribute enough ideas to the plot or dialogue, or a battle in which one player cannot be harmed for one reason or another. It isn't fun for the other person, so don't do it. 
6. Have enough grammar skills to be understood. - We aren't asking everyone to be English majors, but at the very least be good enough to communicate properly. Excessive poor grammar and spelling will not be tolerated. We tend to be lenient with this rule for most people, so don't let it discourage you.
7. Any other disturbances will be taken care of by our admins. Do not argue with them. They know what is best for the chat room.
8. Try to have fun - enough said.

For increased merriment, we have created a membership and class system. We don't just hand it out to anyone though. There are two ways to gain membership. The first way, be in the chat room for at least 2 days and have done at least one role play within the chat room or banquet halls. The second way, for those who do not want to rp, you must have visited and stayed within the room for long enough to be considered a regular. Base number of days to be considered a regular is 5, but can be changed if an admin does not think you are worthy.
Classes, based on the forms of belly expansion, are as follows:
Admiration - for those who have trouble picking a favorite
NonRPers - for those who don't enjoy rp

Side note: TheBellyLounge does not promote overeating, obesity, and various eating disorders. We only encourage those who find beauty in things that aren't the status quo.…
My dad actually believes Beyoncé turned into a demon on stage at the Super Bowl a few years ago

Monster Girl and Monster Hunter OCs by CrazyClara
Monster Girl and Monster Hunter OCs
For the new series of OCs!~

Pisa the human and Tina the elf(The first and third girl) are warriors that belong to the Vigilantes of Galia(Galia being the fantasy world they live in). They fight all a manner of things like vampires, werewolves, and witches. With the help of the diplomat, Bianca. However a bigger threat has come when a evil warlock has been dreading the country side with undead, and three of his minions have escape his wraith and they are begrudgingly accepted into the group. Gigi the vampire, Crystal the succubus, and Francine the Frankenstein like monster. Not to mention, Bianca is secretly a naga warrior in her tribe. Together they fight evil and darkness!~

Loads of ecchi, vore, belly expansion, preg, inflation, and a whole manner of things await...~

I'll upload the exports laterz


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No comments make me sad

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If you wanna draw one of my OCs,go ahead and do so!Just be sure to send me the link so I can see it and favorite it.

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