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As a Valentines Day gift, my partner and I went to Indy Comic Con. It was real great!

There were so many cosplayers and cool oddities and trinkets. If you can next year, try to find a guy who sells a ton of dragon themed stuff. He hand crafts them and he's really talented. He even had a door hanger thingy of Cthulhu X3

Everyone loved dontlookatit's Steven Universe shirt, and there was a guy who also wore a shirt and had a ukulele. Lots of Deadpools, SO MANY DEADPOOLS. He was probably the most popular cosplay other than Harley Quinn. But other than that we found Lapis Lazuli, Pearl, lots of Rose Quartz, a little boy dressed as Sans from Undertale, a group with two different Mettatons and Temmie from Undertale, Batman, Poison Ivy, a literal slave Leia costume, lots of Ray from Star Wars who is probably also one of the more famous cosplays, Jack Skellington, lots of Adventure Time, Sword Art Online, lots of stuff, even a freakin plastic T rex guy!

Oh and not to mention I met Richard Horvitz and Grey Disele :3 GREAT PEOPLE! Richard was very sweet and did the Zim voice with everyone, and he had his wife with him who was also nice. Grey was also very sweet and very huggy and she said my name in the Azula voice X3 she also recognized dontlookatit's Steven Universe shirt hehe~

But I bought my selfies with my new baes, a hand thingy that's also a chain to a ring that I always wanted(like it's a mix of a ring and a bracelet, you'll know if you google it) and my sweetie bought himself a RWBY beer mug despite not drinking beer but you know, THUG LIFE :icondealwithitplz: we also found weird stuff like those booby mouse pads and dakimakuras(Sadly there was no Neo, to dontlookatit's disappointment X3 but no Sans to my disappointment which you should feel more sorry for of course)

But it was quite fun! Lots of things to look at and it's awesome. Not as crowded or rowdy as the bigger city cons
I really appreciate it!~
This is completely random but I want to write down all the things I'm thankful for of my dearest. THIS MAY GET A BIT PERSONAL SO SIT DOWN

1. I love your dry/quirky/anti sense of humor. It's similar to mine and we make eachother laugh a lot

2. I love how artistic and creative you are

3. I love how sometimes you scratch or stroke your beard~

4. I love how we both managed to love eachothers body parts that we found insecure of ourselves and learned to love, like my stretch marks and your body hair

5. I love how how like video games like me

6. I love that you and I are internet buffs and know lots of stuff on the internet

7. I love how you put up with my quirky awkwardness and find it cute

8. I love how passionate you get with the things you like, like RWBY and Pokemon

9. I love how we can be honest with eachother

10. I love your plushy cuddliness~

11. It doesn't matter if any one reading this doesn't believe in toxic masculinity or not, if it does exist then you don't have it. You cry, you show emotions, you get excited over things, you aren't afraid of saying some men are cute(and you don't scream NO HOMO fifty million times like a lot of guys do)

12. I love how we share a lot of political opinions (to be honest I could never date a person who isn't at least liberal)

13. I love your family, and how they put up with my awkwardness too

14. I love how you can be sometimes shy, sometimes bold, sometimes dominant, but always you

15. I love how we both have the same kinks and what not

16. I love how in the past few years we dated you never pressured me to do anything. Sexual or otherwise. Even in my "stay a virgin till marriage" phase lol (nothing wrong with that though). We both respected our boundaries and even if we did something in the past and it made me feel dirty or guilty you wouldn't get mad if we didn't do it again(but we always did it later on hehe, too much? sorry ^^;)

17. I love how we got over our turmoils and rough patches

18. I love how you love chocolate

19. I love how one minute we're best friends, next minute a cute couple, then the next saucy lovers

20. I love how your prickliness rubs against me on my skin~

21. I love how you love every bit of my body and it's oddness and imperfections and I love yours too

22. I like a man who can eat! >:3

23. Or fantasize about being eaten hehe..~

24. You always listen to me even though I know I talk all the time

25. You're always ready to try something new, like trying sushi or going to certain places

26. I love how dedicated you are to your schoolwork and job

27. I love how you deal with my Asperger's and depression very calmly and kindly

28. I love how gentlemanly you are. Even after almost 3 years you still open doors for me and what not.

29. I love how you like my bossiness sometimes.. and sometimes think it's sexy~

30. I love how you don't mind my quirkiness when it's sexy time or kissy time or whatever

31. I love how you're a night owl AND a early bird, cus I need some help getting up early and I bet you would be a good alarm clock :3

32. I love you! :heart:
I made a new Tumblr for naughty stuff and some funny stuff, make sure you go check it out!

My SweetP101 is now only for political and personal stuff.


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