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K-On Secret Hunies by CrazyClara
K-On Secret Hunies
Oh gee, I'm loving this. I'm working more with my tablet and I keep learning new tricks!

Oh and btw this is from a game called Huniepop, basically sexy bejewled. These are "secret" girls you unlock, Momo, Celeste, Kyu, and Palutena- I mean Venus ^^;

and then this is a K-On beach pose cus it's cute and I saw someone else do it with the Homeworld Gems and Steven
I'm gonna be seeing it tomorrow and WILL post a review and my thoughts. I have high hopes, legendary director M. Night Shamalon(?) better deliver, because say what you want about him but his past few movies after 6th Sense weren't very good or were mediocre depending on how cynical you are. 

And ugggghhhhh for the hermits who don't know about the movie The Visit(don't take offense joking plz don't kill me) it's about a brotha and sista who meet their grandparents for the first time and spend time on their farm. Now any smart person would be like that's fucking stupid and what kid hasn't met their grandparents at least once but it's actually because the mom had a huge falling out with them(her parents) when she was young and they never spoke since. And the grandparents are weirdos. They don't allow the kids out of their rooms after 9:30, they do weird things like scratch the walls and act weirdly animal like, like Regan in the first part of the Exorcist when she acted funny but without any of the head turning or flipping around. And other crazy crap and their mom of course is irresponsible and doesn't give af.

I have theories on why the grandparents are crazy lol
They could take a boring route and have them be demon possessed, but this is Shamalon-a-ding-dong here. They could be aliens or like be possessed by body snatchers(moi idea). Their family could have money problems and the mom probably hired some assassins to pose as their grandparents and kill the kids to gain insurance(like in Hansel and Gretel, and also moi idea). Or my mom said that since their mom dropped them off at a train or something and had the grandparents pick them up, what if the people who picked them up aren't their grandparents but just psychopaths? Like right after they get them the real grandparents come and are like "wtf are they". What if they killed their real grandparents? Like that episode of Spongebob where Patrick's parents wern't his real parents and were dumb.

No spoilers in the comments please until after I update this journal with my official review, and it may have spoilers but I will put a warning when they come up
I know I said I would be drawing more, but it's hard to get back to drawing after not doing it for several months.

ARTISTS! Even when going on a hiatus, still practice drawing! Even when not posting to any websites or drawing it on a tablet. Otherwise you'll end up like me and others :I

Last night I did a few random dootles and I may be drawing them on my Waccom, so I'm getting at it
I know I said I would be drawing more, but it's hard to get back to drawing after not doing it for several months.

ARTISTS! Even when going on a hiatus, still practice drawing! Even when not posting to any websites or drawing it on a tablet. Otherwise you'll end up like me and others :I


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If you wanna draw one of my OCs,go ahead and do so!Just be sure to send me the link so I can see it and favorite it.

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